About Us

Customize your home the way you want!

Paul Howell has been working hard to make your home the way you want it! With his 30 plus years, of custom home building, he knows the right people to get the job done in the most affordable and flexible manner.

"I will build Confidence in our relationship, so you will feel Confident with your New Built Home."

Paul Howell

Here’s how we can help YOU…

Many of Paul’s customers have a long list of questions on what to do, such as:

  • How do I prepare my land for construction?
  • How do I obtain utility services?
  • What if I want to do it on my own but need a little help?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How do I get a mortgage?
  • How do I find a piece of land in the first place?

Paul can help you through the steps from finding land to finished floor plans to opening the door to your NEW CUSTOMIZED HOME.

How customized do you want it?

Paul Howell is a custom home builder and he has a great Owner Builder Program also!

  • We have many different styles of floor plans.
  • Find the plan you like
  • Make the changes you need to make it YOUR HOME
  • Want to do some things yourself but need some asssistance? We have an Owner Builder Program!
  • Call Paul to sort out the details

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We can do a PARTIAL BUILD at any stage you want! You can finish your OWN new home!

We can get the build started from breaking ground to building walls and roof systems on the foundation at your site.

You can manage your own project, manage the subcontractors, and even do part of the work yourself. Whatever you need, we can provide:

  • Home Design
  • Blueprints
  • Engineering
  • Choosing trade subs
  • Getting quotes
  • Construction Management & Guidelines
  • Permitting
  • Site Plans
  • Surveys
  • Financial Guidance

This program is specifically designed to save you both time and money as well as make your job much easier!

We focus on Customer Service

We currently build homes in Mid Florida