Your Custom Home

Is Our Priority

30 Years of Customizing & Building Homes the way you want!

And knowing the right people to get the job done!

Building Homes One Brick At A Time.

Paul Howell the owner and General Contractor of Best Built Homes knows how to get you started and the right people to get the job done in the most affordable and flexible manner.

With his 30 years, of custom home building experience, he has the connections and the “know how” to achieve the custom built home you want!

Here’s how he can help YOU…


Questions on what to do?

  • How do I prepare my land for construction?
  • How do I obtain utility services?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How do I get a mortgage?
  • How do I find a piece of land in the first place?

How do you want it?

Paul Howell is a custom homebuilder and General Contractor who cares. He has many different styles of floor plans.

  • Pick the plan you like
  • Make the changes you need to make it YOUR HOME
  • Let Paul sort out the rest!

Let Us Simplify The Process Of

Building Your Home